Depository and Depository Participants- Meaning, Benefits and Services

What is a Depository? A depository is simply defined as a place where things are stored. In financial terms, depository refers to an institution or an organization which holds securities in De-Mat (Dematerialized) Form for all shares, debentures, mutual funds, derivatives, F&O’s and commodities.   US Depository DTCC also known as the Depository Trust & …

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5 Currency Trading Strategies

Currency Trading was not always the first choice for investors. Most traders like to stick with basic stock trading platforms and methods. But in the last decade, new and improved platforms along with better trading strategies have given people confidence. We have seen tremendous growth in currency trading worldwide over the past couple of years. …

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Currency Trading Basics

Foreign exchange markets (Forex) or Currency Trading Market are one of the most important decentralized financial markets in the world. It promotes trade, investment and risk sharing across borders. FX is also the most liquid market and arguably the largest in the world. According to the BIS (Bureau of International Settlements) triennial report of 2010, …

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