What are Thematic Funds?

George recently spotted a golden investment opportunity in the Pharmaceutical sector. He is curious about taking the advantage of the equity wave. However, he lacks the basic investing acumen. He thinks venturing out in the waters would be pretty risky without proper knowledge. You, like George, may desire to take advantage of such short-term opportunities …

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What is FinTech?

Meaning of FinTech FinTech is a new innovation that uses technology to improve activities in finance. FinTech has a tremendous scope to provide workable solutions to the problems faced by traditional financial institutions. It broadly stands for Financial Technology. A range of benefits can be delivered by FinTech innovations. India has created the platform to …

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Carbon Credits Decoded

Introduction The plethora of climate scientists have agreed that human activities are responsible for the process of climate change . Whilst our planet does release and absorb carbon naturally in a continuous cycle, the burning of fossil fuels, large-scale deforestation and other human activities have all led to the release of more carbon dioxide (CO2) …

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SRI and ESG Investing

Socially Responsible Investing What is SRI? (Socially Responsible Investing) In the modern investment world, there are many options that are available to an investor. One of the widely acceptable and growing trends has been Socially Responsible Investing. There are two inherent goals of socially responsible investing: social impact and financial gain. The two do not …

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