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2020 was not really the year I had planned or what anybody would have planned for. The world took a hit like never before because of the deadly Coronavirus. The global markets trembled; people lost jobs, homes, and most importantly their loved ones. Family Savings had never taken a hit that big.

Although nothing seemed to work, I noticed something else; no matter what, people still had hope with the stock markets. They believed that we would get over this sooner or later. The business will resume as usual and hence many saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime for them to enter the financial world. They wanted to invest in the stock market, learn about the fundamentals of trading and look for a golden ticket even during this time. Where some were still looking for options to make ends meet, others believed that this was a blessing in disguise.

This made me understand that irrespective of the conditions, most of us want to find a way to make a fortune and one of the better seen options for many has been investing in securities. But not many have the right kind of support, guidance and knowledge and hence end up struggling not to make a healthy return but to save what they started with. Also, investing has a lot many layers to it which may be difficult even for an experienced investor to unfold. It is hard even for them to keep track of the changes in different sectors of the economy which may have an impact on their investments.

So, I came up with an idea to help passionate investors learn about the tricks and trade of the financial world by launching Financial Gullak. The objective is to make our readers aware of the basic financial structure while helping them to grab a future ready investment opportunity.

Our Mission

Enhance Investor Awareness and provide an insight into the latest and ever developing financial world.

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