It has been close to 110 days since the first Coronavirus (COVID-19) case was reported in China. Since then, COVID-19 has shaken the entire world by surprise and it has caused a great deal of turbulence. The stock markets around the world have taken a hit and the portfolios ofContinue Reading

The world markets have been shaken by the Covid-19 turmoil. The bear has taken over the long ranging bull in a short span of time, but Bill Ackman, the American Investor and Hedge Fund Manager turned a $27 million position into a $2.6 billion during this time. Bill Ackman isContinue Reading

Meaning of Insurance Insurance is a contractual agreement between the insurer and the insurance company where the insurance company agrees to compensate the insurer against the loss or damage of any property, life or health of any individual against policy premiums. Most insurance policies are taken voluntarily while some mayContinue Reading

Investing in equities isn’t just a matter of deciding which shares or funds to buy and which markets to buy them in. Investor strategies are as varied and colorful as the people who employ them and it is unprecedented that rarely do investors stick to a single strategy.   LongContinue Reading

Currency Trading was not always the first choice for investors. Most traders like to stick with basic stock trading platforms and methods. But in the last decade, new and improved platforms along with better trading strategies have given people confidence. We have seen tremendous growth in currency trading worldwide overContinue Reading

Foreign exchange markets (Forex) or Currency Trading Market are one of the most important decentralized financial markets in the world. It promotes trade, investment and risk sharing across borders. FX is also the most liquid market and arguably the largest in the world. According to the BIS (Bureau of InternationalContinue Reading

Commodity Trading Strategies

Commodity trading implies to buying and selling of real-world top commodities like gold (through Gold Commodity trading), silver, oil or agricultural commodities or metals etc with the help of a demat account. Traders aim to profit from the fluctuations in the price of commodities which happens constantly. The chances ofContinue Reading